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Stadio to build Durbanville campus after enrolments rocket

Business Live - 18 Mar 2024 - Katharine Child And Jaqueline Mackenzie

Stadio to build a new campus in Durbanville

Business Day, Companies & Markets Article

Stadio posts 23% rise in earnings as student numbers grow

CNBC Africa - Closing Bell South Africa Video

Jse Education Shares Booming As Government Schools 'Fail'

North of Johannesburg in the slum district of Diepsloot, children play in the garbage-strewn grounds of a local school before spilling out across a busy road unsupervised to return home.

Stadio Holdings is on track to meet its growth targets in learner numbers

STADIO reports 10% growth in student numbers

Private tertiary education provider, STADIO Higher Education, on Monday (15 March) reported a 10% jump in enrolments to 35,031 students for the period ended December

STADIO is enrolling far more students than expected

STADIO Holdings enrolled 35 031 students in 2020, the company reported on Monday, up 10% on enrolments in 2019. The private tertiary education company enrolled

STADIO’s consolidation to proceed in November

Private higher education group STADIO says it will proceed with consolidating three of its businesses under its brand name in November, a move which offers

STADIO Holdings furthers its aim to becoming a multiversity

Private higher education investment group STADIO Holdings, which lifted headline earnings per share 46 percent to 5.1 cents per share in the six months to

Private education: alive and kicking

The private tertiary education sector continues to grow by encouraging degrees, notwithstanding the ravages of complications emanating from the coronavirus pandemic. Recent interim financial reports

STADIO Holdings education group growth still on track

Private education group STADIO Holdings has said its growth projections remained on track despite facing mounting challenges as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Private universities: We don’t need no (physical) education

Covid-19 — and the remote learning imperative ushered in by the lockdown — might be just what the private education industry needs. Tertiary specialist Stadio

Strong full-year revenue growth as demand of higher education rises

STADIO Holdings reported a full year revenue increase of 29 per cent to R815 million

Acquisition boosts STADIO’s first-half profits

Private education group Stadio says net profit jumped 47% to R52.2m in the six months to end-June partly thanks to the acquisition of another higher-education

STADIO planning expansion with multi-faculty campuses

STADIO plans to bring its higher education institutions under a single brand – STADIO Multiversity. In a discussion about its interim results, Chris van der